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  • He knew that he probably wouldn't need to do that, but the promise provided incentive.

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    Kumar Abhishek

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  • Turtle-back was an old-timer who owned the fastest horse in Silver City. tie had no use for that kind of a horse; he only happened to own it because he had won it in a poker game a few days before. Esmay could not say any of what she was thinking, not with his parents standing there smiling at her a little nervously.
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  • Then he became as visibly angry as a man of his civilization and culture-level ever permitted himself.

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  • Babies recognize things they have seen, smelled, tasted, or felt, but they don't remember them separate from the event until they are older. BARDOLPH Run away with the cozeners; for so soon as I came beyond Eton, they threw me off from behind one of them, in a slough of mire; and set spurs and away, like three German devils, three Doctor Faustuses.

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  • Christ, however, in contrast to the stranger in The Bacchae, does not avail himself of the power that he can call on (i.e. the power of the Heavenly Father); but the next time Christ appears, he will call on this power, which will destroy the entire system of things, the world and the wicked alike.

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    A sudden intoxication seized me: I could go anywhere do anything! Ehlana would have been able to cut off his access to that money, but she fell ill.

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  • He did not, indeed, repeat the heroic act which had earned him his name, but, finding that the cows fled before him, he scattered them, enjoying the only sport which had so far been offered him in London.
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