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  • But in fiction, even a groping dullard like myself can stumble upon a truth or two; or at least a rule-of-thumb that seems to work in certain situations, among certain kinds of people. In this way one of them must come upon those they sought, or some sign of them.
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  • The letter from John Hancock was duly delivered to Adjutant-General Gates who was amiable but harassed. LaFollet was on his feet, pulser weaving like a serpent as he tried in vain to draw another bead.
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    He did hear, though, for the hint of a smile curved the wide mouth.

    It took all their strength to work the steel from the wood. By contrast, the eukaryotic realm that is, the complicated organisms with nucleated cells, like us numbers already in the millions.

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    She was at the end of a twisting, rutted camp road which split off from Bay Lane two miles south of here.

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  • Shortly after they resumed their march, they broke through the forest into a lovely mountain pasture. For the first time there is talk of the Unknown Superiors.
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    As to my natural father, I know nothing, he continued, I do know that my father wasn't the man my natural mother was married to. It was some damned holiday he did not understand and had no intention of understanding, though he was hosting a gala for Tregesser Hyxalag's cream.
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